every mans dream


After a full evening on the prowl and endless amounts of flirting I have found my prey. A cocky arrogant rich young man that has no idea what he is in for. I have promised him the kinkiest naughtiest night of his life and we shall have company 😉 my hot brunette accomplice Charley. After a lot of teasing I finally manage to get him tied to the bed, it takes a bit of work but a flash of my perfect cleavage and hes practically begging me to tie him spread eagle to the bed. Not so keen on being gagged I call charley into the bedroom, dressed in a low cut teddy and hot black hold ups, his jaw drops and I gag his mouth with one of my stockings. Finally we have this stupid man tied and gagged leaving us free to take all his money, car and belongings. But just leaving him would be no fun what better way to rub salt into his wounds than too tease him and show him a little of what was promised.